BFA (Applied Art) Degree


In-demand skill

The growing importance of BFA applied art in the context of the rapidly emerging digital media is creating unprecedented job opportunities as companies compete for bright youngsters to fuel their talent trains. This fast-growing field offers a plethora of career options in:

  • Automobile Design, Industrial Design, Product Design
  • Interior Design, Fashion Design, Decorative Design
  • Furniture Design, Jewellery Design, Graphic Design
  • Advertising, Media and Entertainment, Publishing
  • Photography is also considered an Applied Arts discipline


Recognized Qualification

The Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Art ( BFA Applied Art ) is a structured, 4-year program imparting academic and technical knowledge with a strong foundation to commence and build a professional Applied Art career.


Future-bright and rewarding

Successful completion of the program in BFA Applied Art opens the doors to rewarding jobs in diverse industries. Beginning as a trainee Designer, one can swiftly move up the hierarchy to more senior and rewarding positions.

TYPICAL JOB ROLES: Graphic Designer | Visualizer | Product Designer | Multimedia Artist User Interface Designer | User Experience Designer
KEY SECTORS: Advertising | FMCG | Manufacturing | Media & Entertainment Fashion | Interior Décor | Education | e-commerce | Science & Technology
EARNINGS POTENTIAL: Rs. 15,000 - Rs. 20,000 for an entry level position Rs. 1 lakh + for experienced, and highly talented artists

The designation and pay may vary depending on the recruiter and the industry. Career prospects depends largely on one’s talent, skill sets and vital job traits. There is no limit for pay when it comes to outstanding talent.

Creative Multimedia College of Fine Arts (CMCFA) is the top most applied arts college in India. It offers BFA degree in Applied Art Course which increase your career prospects in Applied Arts and employability. CMCFA offers students an exciting opportunity to study BFA Applied Arts.

BFA Applied Art
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    Professional mentoring with individual attention is what makes CMCFA every Animation student's dream college.

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    P Vishnu Tejesh

    The college offers unlimited value-additions such as Drawing, Clay Sculpting and Personality Development sessions etc. Before joining CMCFA, I enquired at many Animation institutes and I didn't find even one institute offering such a wide range of value-additions, that too, free of charge. These people are very passionate

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    Ganta Bikshapathy Eswar Kumar

    A dream college in every way: a beautiful campus throbbing with energy, excellent infrastructure including a superb library and ultra-spacious labs and an unbelievably friendly student support system.