Telangana IT Minister K.T. Rama Rao launches book on digital media careers

The IT Minister of Telangana state, Sri K.T. Rama Rao released a career guide on the wide range of fast-growing job opportunities in the dynamic digital media and entertainment industry.

The book was released during the inaugural session of the Indiajoy Event at Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC), Hyderabad on 16th November.

Along with K.T. Rama Rao, ‘Exciting Careers in Digital Media’ book author Rajasekhar Buggaveeti, Green Gold Animation Founder & CEO Rajiv Chilaka, Bengaluru-based Technicolor India Managing Director Biren Ghose, Cine Hero Sudheer Babu, IT Secretary Jayesh Ranjan, and others participated in the book launch ceremony.

Speaking on the occasion, Rajasekhar Buggaveeti said: “The book elaborates on 72 exciting job roles across Animation, Graphic Design, Visual Effects, Gaming, Web & Mobile Design, Digital Marketing, and Filmmaking. Creative arts students will find this book particularly useful in exploring the broad spectrum of employment prospects across disciplines and specializations in the industry. While the book is primarily focused on helping freshers gauge their aptitude and identify pathways that align with their interests and innate strengths, it also acts as a personal guide for creative CG artists who have some experience in the industry but are looking to shift career paths or accelerate their career growth”.

Appreciating the efforts in producing the book, the minister KTR quipped: “This book serves as a virtual compass to career aspirants in these sectors. The extensive information on each job role – job outline, skills, training, salaries, and growth – along with valuable guidance on choosing the right course and college, and pursuing successful careers makes it a first-of-its-kind, complete career guide in India”.

Rajiv Chilaka observed: “Expert tips on demo reel/portfolio, internships, and career preparation and advancement along with inspiring stories of media and entertainment industry legends makes it a must-read book for students”.

On the occasion, Biren Ghose, Sudheer Babu, and Jayesh Ranjan congratulated the book’s author Rajasekhar Buggaveeti.

Published by Creative Multimedia, this book is available on Amazon and also at the firm’s office at Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad. Contact: +91 9659 48 9659.

Creative Multimedia celebrates International Animation Day. 35 students of the college win prestigious Pixellence awards.

Creative Multimedia – winner of the ‘Best Digital Media Academy in India’ Award celebrated ‘International Animation Day’ and declared a highly successful placements season with excellent placements despite the pandemic.

India’s Largest Digital Media Education powerhouse’ celebrated the event at its global standard campus at Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad on Thursday, 28th of October 2021 from morning till noon.

Creative Multimedia has been celebrating International Animation Day every year for the past 16 years with great fanfare. The event aims to bring students closer to the industry and to honour and encourage outstanding talent in Animation, VFX, Gaming, Web & Graphic Design.

The MD & CEO of Creative Multimedia, RajaSekhar Buggaveeti delivered the inaugural address and renewed his commitment to ‘Enhancing Employability’. Addressing the students, he reminded them that Creative Multimedia affords the finest infrastructure, mentoring, value-additions, and placements in the industry and urged them to take advantage of these privileges to pursue a successful career and bring laurels to the academy and the country.

The prestigious ‘Pixellence Awards’ aimed at recognizing outstanding arts talent were presented by Creative Multimedia CEO RajaSekhar Buggaveeti to 35 winners across 17 categories of Animation, VFX, Web, and Graphic Design. Entries were judged on 4 parameters: concept, design, quality, and presentation.

Many live-action, 2D animation short films, such as ‘Be in the moment’, ‘Error 404’, ‘Ulta-Plus’, and ‘Charvani’ crafted by BFA students of Creative Multimedia were screened to a rousing reception. These films, some of which gained international recognition, were created by students are part of Creative Multimedia’s training aimed at producing industry-ready artists.

Many successful alumni now working at top MNCs around the globe attended the event and shared their experiences with students even as they found themselves reminiscing about their good old days at Creative Multimedia and the college’s extraordinary placements.

Injecting josh into the day’s proceedings was a string of high-voltage cultural programs: there was song, dance, instrumental music, and more. Performers belted out popular movie numbers and set the stage on fire with foot-thumping dance moves as the young crowd went wild with excitement.

A compelling quiz program, a live guitar performance, a rap gig, and a series of games were some of the other programs that enlivened the proceedings and made it a truly memorable day for students of India’s premier digital media education group.

The day ended with a sincere thanks to students, parents, alumni, guests, and well-wishers who turned up in large numbers and made the event a grand success.

Prepare yourself before joining a VFX Training Course

Films and TV productions today involve a lot of Computer Generated (CG) effects and elements to tell their stories more effectively. VFX or Visual Effects is an art and tool used to create these magic on screen. It is an amalgamation of technology and high level artistic skills.

A VFX production involves lot of departments at various levels to bring a scene that is impossible in real life. There are multiple levels of opportunities to work in a VFX production starting from on-set supervision, to 3D artist or a compositor who combines all the elements seamlessly to make a stunning image.  Students looking for a career option may find a lot of opportunities in this creative field. Proper training and certification in VFX will help them to kick start their careers. There are some very good VFX training institues in Hyderabad where students can train and specialize in various modules of this process.

But before you join any training, you may need to prep yourself up for the process ahead. Here are a few pointers that will help you gear up for the ride:

Knowledge is light!

Try to gain knowledge about this art cum technology. Search around for the companies, production houses involving VFX, what pipelines or techniques they use for a particular project.  YouTube ‘behind the scenes’ videos and breakdown videos will be your best source for these.

Famous Personalities

Learn about some important personalities in the industry and what projects/films they have worked on. Their interviews will provide good insights into their accomplishments.

Framing an art

Understanding photography helps you understand lighting, framing etc. in an image. This is an important aspect of VFX. Basics of camera and filmmaking knowledge will be an added advantage.

Friendship with computer

VFX involves a lot of computer based work, if you are new to computers, it is recommended to be little computer friendly, this helps you on the long run.

Software Mania

A lot of software are used to create these visual effects, try and explore some simpler software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects. The training institutes will anyhow go more in depth in these and other advanced software (like Autodesk Maya, Foundry Nuke etc.) and techniques, some prior knowledge will give you a comfortable start.

Practise, practise, practise!

VFX is an art like any other, so practice is the key, make up your mind for dedication and commitment towards practice. The better the artist you are, more opportunities will follow you.

If you are looking for VFX training in Hyderabad, Creative Multimedia Academy is the right place to start your learning process from basic to the advanced level through different course modules. The institute aims to transform students into job-ready VFX professionals through comprehensive training.

Roles of Game Artists and Designers in the Gaming World

PC and mobile games have gained a lot of hype in India today. That’s why many people are considering becoming a game artist. The job title sounds great, especially to a generation where everything game-related speaks volumes of fun and creativity.

Here we’ll talk about the role of the game artist in the game development process, what it takes to become a good game designer and potential career prospects.

The Role of Game Artist?

If you’ve decided to become a game artist, you should first consider a good game art college in Hyderabad. In the university, you’ll learn how to create artistic aspects of the game using different digital art creation software. 3D modeling and illustration come under this category.

Today, some games require the artist to use more traditional media like drawing and painting. You’ll learn to create both art and design for the game in the game designing college.

Although it may seem like you’re only creating an illustration to the game designer’s specifications, there is much more creativity involved in this field. A good game artist can have a massive impact on gameplay. They can depict a particular scenario, level, or character.

Types of Game Artists:

Although you may not have thought of it, there many different roles in the world of game art, each with its own specialization. Some of the tasks are ideal for new entrants into the industry, while others require a few years of experience and a proven track record.

Here are some job responsibilities in the world of game art that you might be interested in:

  1. Concept Artist
    • As a concept artist, you put together the concept art for the game. You’ve to research different art styles, pictures, digital painting and know how the game should feel and look. You can also share your ideas with other teams of artists.
  2. Art Director
    • As a game director, you’ll lead the teams of game animators and artists. You’ll coordinate between various game designers and art game departments. You’ll be involved in the game development process from the concept stage. You’ll also be responsible for the quality, aesthetics, and performance of the game.
  3. Character Artist
    • The character artist is responsible for designing the characters in a game. In a few cases, you’ve to follow a particular stylistic brief to first create 2D concept sketches of the characters before moving to model them as 3D computer models. To ensure consistency and fluidity, you may have to work with the animators.
  4. Environment Artist
    • It is the responsibility of these artists to bring the game environment to life. As an environment artist, you’ll create the world that the game is played on, from props to scenes.

Game artists can find work in gaming company or work as a freelancer. As a freelancer, you have to be self-motivated and able to handle demands from multiple clients.

If you want to become a good gaming artist or designer, choose a reputable game designing college in Hyderabad. 

Creative Multimedia Group Celebrated International Women’s Day in a Creative Way

Creative Multimedia, India’s most prolific multimedia training and placements engine celebrated International Women’s Day on 08 March 2021 at its Dilsukhnagar campus with a Blood Donation Camp and a string of women-oriented sessions that triggered great excitement.

The International Women’s Day Celebrations was aimed at inspiring the young girls at Creative Multimedia and featured a public speaking session on illustrious woman achievers, quiz competitions and various indoor games for young girls.

At Creative Multimedia Group, India’s leading digital media education catalyst, women empowerment has always been an important goal.

The best digital media in India academy award winner intends to inspire and produce a woman star who can smash the glass ceiling in the next five years and show that women can also rise to positions of power and excel in traditionally male dominated job disciplines such as Animation, VFX, UI/UX and Graphic Design.

Over 150 students and staff of Creative multimedia donated blood, effectively helping save 450 precious lives. (Donation by one person helps save three lives)

The day-long blood donation drive from 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. was held in aid of Thalassemia patients. It was inaugurated by Shri Devireddy Sudheer Reddy, MLA – LB Nagar and Chairman – MRFDC, Govt of Telangana. Speaking on the occasion he appreciated the initiative taken by Creative Multimedia’s students and staff. He felt that these kinds of blood donation camps are the need of the hour, especially during this tough time of pandemic situation.

‘We are proud of our students and staff members for coming forward to donate their blood for a noble cause of extending the lives of Thalassemia children’ says Rajasekhar Buggaveeti, founder and CEO of Creative Multimedia Group.

Creative Multimedia Group has conducted scores of blood donation camps in association with Red Cross Society for the past ten years and has even received several awards from the Honourable Governor of Telangana in recognition of its noble service.

Creative Multimedia Group comprising “Creative Multimedia Academy” and “Creative Multimedia College of Fine Arts” is India’s leading digital media mentor focused on Enhancing EmployabilityTM and delivering MNC job opportunities for students through its signature placement initiative “Our campus – Your Interviews®”.

“An artistic tribute to the legendary singer SP Balu by Creative Multimedia”

Digital media education powerhouse “Creative Multimedia” conducts an exclusive, knowledge and skill-loaded workshop on Hyper Realistic art for Animation & VFX students.

India’s premier destination for Creative Multimedia, widely acknowledged as an ivy-league digital media education powerhouse organized an exclusive art workshop for its B.A. Visual Arts (Animation & VFX and Applied Art) students.

The workshop was conducted by Pramod Sahu, a Raipur-based Internationally reputed Artist, Culturalist & Social Entrepreneur. 

Bringing his vast experience to the workshop, Mr. Pramod delivered an enlightening session on “Hyper-realistic Rangoli” art. He also shared precious insights and tips on how to build a solid foundation and pursue a professionally enriching career in the world of art. Attendees were mesmerized by seeing the hyper realistic portrait of legendary singer SP Balasubramanyam which took around 15 hours to create for Pramod Sahu.

The 5-day workshop on ‘Hyper Realistic Portrait’ design was held at the campus of Creative Multimedia College in Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad. The workshop was conducted from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening each day.

Speaking on the occasion, Creative Multimedia CEO RajaSekhar Buggaveeti said: “This workshop is part of the many continuous initiatives of Creative Multimedia aimed at Enhancing Employability of students and equipping them with the knowledge and job skills required for the workplace.”

Creative Multimedia owns and operates CMCFA (Creative Multimedia College of Fine Arts), India’s leading Fine Arts college offering the in-demand 3-year B.A. Visual Arts (Animation & VFX) and B.A. (Applied Art) Degree programs in association with the famed Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University – Hyderabad.

Ever since inception, Creative Multimedia has been committed to “Enhancing Employability” of its students and helping them gain the competitive edge in their careers. By focusing on foundational job skills such as drawing, students gain transferable skills enabling global employment opportunities across industries.

The college has shaped scores of winning careers and is considered a springboard to career success for students aspiring for a bright future in the global digital media and entertainment industry.

Creative Multimedia @ Indiajoy 2019

Pencils & Pixels Art Competition make an impressive debut at India’s largest digital media and entertainment event.

Creative Multimedia Group, India’s largest and best digital media career catalyst participated in the 2nd edition of Indiajoy and made its presence felt with its new talent discovery initiative: The ‘Pencils and Pixels Art Competition’.

Indiajoy is the largest congregation of Gaming, Animation, VFX, E-Sports and Entertainment Events in India. A digital entertainment revolution of sorts, Indiajoy attracted over 30,000 visitors from 50 countries and was held for 4 days from 20 – 24 November 2019 at HICC, Novotel, Hyderabad.

One of the biggest attractions at Indiajoy 2019 was the Pencils and Pixels Art Competition. Conceptualized and executed by Creative Multimedia Group, the art competition turned out to be a favourite among the crowds with heightened participation on all the three days (20 – 23 Nov. 2019). The competition was sponsored by reputed digital media and entertainment companies including Digital Domain, DNEG, DQ Entertainment, Firefly Studios, Green Gold Animation, Makuta, MPC, Purple Talk, and Rotomaker.

The ‘open-to-all’ traditional and digital art competition challenged participants in 15 categories including Face Painting, Manual Sculpting, Traditional Painting, Sketching, Cosplay, Photography, Origami, Digital Concept Art, Digital Matte Paint, Rotoscopy, Matchmove, 3D Lighting, 3D Animation, Digital Sculpting, and Particle Dynamics.

People across age groups and professions including students and professionals participated enthusiastically in this three-day, traditional and digital art competition. Veterans from diverse verticals of the digital media and entertainment industry were invited to judge the entries and give away the prizes. They spent quality time with participants, especially students from various multimedia academies and appreciated their art skills. A total of 69 winners and runner-ups took home prizes, award certificates, cash vouchers, and even job offers.

The special guests from the industry who graced the competition, inspired students with their pep talk and gave away the prizes included: Mr. P.C. Sanath – Founder, Firefly Creative Studio, Mr. Srinivas Mohan – VFX Supervisor, 4-time national award winner and member of the prestigious Academy Awards Committee (Oscars), Mr. Seth Crofton – Vice President, Chillar Games, Mr. Madhav Reddy – Founder & CEO, Rotomaker, Ms. Sonali Joshi – Senior Recruitment Manager, Digital Domain, Mr. Dileep Varma – Founder, Cirqus Arts, Mr. Asish Dantu – Pipeline Supervisor, Digital Domain India, and Mr. Srinivas Vasanthala – Head of 3D, DQ Entertainment.

Thanks to the overwhelming response garnered by Pencils and Pixels Art Competition, Creative Multimedia Group is chalking out plans to initially organize the event at multiple locations across the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, followed by a national roll-out in a phased manner.

Despite growing demand for CG artists, there are scores of talented freshers across the country, ready to be employed but are missing out on job opportunities due to various factors including poor visibility and access. The Pencils and Pixels Art Competition seeks to bridge this gap by creating an invaluable talent discovery platform with benefits for both career aspirants as well as recruiters. Essentially, Pencils and Pixels will leverage Multimedia Group (India’s largest and best digital media career catalyst) to afford valuable job opportunities the vast placement network (comprising leading CG studios and MNCs) of Creative for winners of the art competition.

Intensive Character Design Workshop for Animation, VFX & Gaming career aspirants…

part of the many on-going value-additions for B.A. Visual Arts Degree students of Creative Multimedia College of Fine Arts.

Thursday, the 2nd of May, 2019 proved to be an inspiring and fruitful day for students pursuing their 1st-year B.A. Visual Art (Animation & VFX) and B.A. Visual Arts (Applied Art) programs at CMCFA, one of India’s finest destinations for Creative Arts education. CMCFA organized a day-long, participative character design workshop.

The workshop was conducted by Aditya N Chari, a fine arts graduate and gifted artist with over 18 years of experience in character design, caricatures, comic illustrations, and paintings. He worked as a Concept Lead, Character Designer, Graphic Designer, Visualizer, Animator, and BG/Layout/Pre-Production Artist. He also freelanced for many reputed companies. His professional associations include Prana Studios, Virgin Comics, Reliance Infocomm, Grey Worldwide, Leo Burnett, Lintas, McKann Ericsson, Ogilvy & Mather, Aurobindo Society, Forbes,, ISCKON, and MTV, to name a few.

He is the best-selling author+Illustrator of three books on figure drawing. As a character sketch/concept artist, he worked for many films including Bahubali (Bhallala Deva character) and frequently holds portrait demonstrations, one-man shows (exhibitions) and group shows. As a mentor, he earlier taught figure drawing and character design at Animation Art School-Goa and is currently teaching design fundamentals at Gurukul School of Design apart from delivering guest lectures frequently.

Bringing his vast experience to the workshop, Mr. Aditya took students on a steep learning curve, covering different facets of the craft, while offering the techniques and tips vital to creating professional character design. Commencing at eight in the morning, the workshop was split into three sessions and wrapped up at four in the evening. Students had many takeaways from the workshop: step by step, hands-on methods to draw; using a reference to improve drawing skills, developing character from rough sketches to developed concepts, line & stroke techniques, building versatility and key skills needed to create a fully illustrated character.

The workshop was conducted by Aditya N Chari, a fine arts graduate and gifted artist with over 18 years of experience in character design, caricatures, comic illustrations, and paintings. He worked as a Concept Lead, Character Designer, Graphic Designer, Visualizer, Animator, and BG/Layout/Pre-Production Artist. He also freelanced for many reputed companies. His professional associations include Prana Studios, Virgin Comics, Reliance Infocomm, Grey Worldwide, Leo Burnett, Lintas, McKann Ericsson, Ogilvy & Mather, Aurobindo Society, Forbes,, ISCKON, and MTV, to name a few.

The workshop was dedicated to Satyajit Ray – one of the greatest filmmakers of the 20th century, on the occasion of his 98th birth anniversary.

The workshop was organized by CMCFA as part of its multiple initiatives aimed at helping students acquire vital job-skills. This focus on producing highly-trained, job-ready artists is one of the many defining features of CMCFA’s training and its spectacular placements result in every year. Leading recruiters in the animation, gaming and VFX sectors prefer CMCFA students and frequently conduct campus drives at the college due to the high concentration of highly trained creative talent. The biggest advantage that students of CMCFA have over their peers at other colleges is placement excellence.

Creative Multimedia College is one of India’s leading fine arts colleges offering the in-demand 3-year B.A. Visual Arts (Animation & VFX) and B.A. (Applied Art) Degree programs in association with the famed Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University (JNAFAU) – Hyderabad. These are industry-focused, up-to-date career programs acknowledged by the industry. Upon successful completion, students receive a prestigious degree from JNAFAU: a veritable passport to the job market with transferable skills, global employability, rewarding jobs, and good career growth opportunities.

Ever since inception, CMCFA has been committed to “Enhancing Employability” of its students and helping them gain the competitive edge in the job market. The college has shaped scores of winning careers and is considered a springboard to career success for students aspiring for a bright future in the global digital media and entertainment industry, especially the Animation, VFX, and Gaming verticals.

Creative Multimedia.

We are Creative Multimedia Group, a revolutionary digital media education powerhouse with two decades of rich experience in Animation, VFX, Graphic Design and Web Design training, imparted through our institutions – ‘Creative Multimedia College of Fine Arts’. With first-class training and top-class placements, we are widely acknowledged as the Best Digital Media Academy in India by career aspirants and recruiters alike.

We are as old as India’s multimedia industry. We established our training centre way back in the year 1998 with only a couple of students. In a short span of time, we’ve emerged as India’s largest and best digital media academy with a string of unrivalled academic achievements and placement records.

We’ve revolutionized digital media education in India with the singular focus on “Enhancing Employability”. Our inspiring campus offers a supportive learning environment with production-grade infrastructure and extensive learning resources apart from exclusive and full-fledged interview facilities for campus recruitment. With first-class training and top-class placements, we are the preferred destination in India for students seeking to build careers in Animation, VFX, Graphic Design and Web Design.

On the sheer strength of our mentoring prowess and the passion with which we own our student’s dreams, leading companies across India prefer our students and travel all the way to our global-standard campus at Dilsukhnagar-Hyderabad to conduct recruitment drives. Placements are our biggest strength. Our placement cell builds and nurtures lasting relationships with leading recruiters in the country on a continuous basis, thus affording excellent campus interview opportunities for our dear students.

In the last two decades, we have shaped the careers of 26,000+ students and afforded rewarding placements for them at leading MNCs, animation and VFX studios, web design companies, digital marketing firms and advertising agencies. Our alumni can be found at top organizations such as MPC, Technicolor, Digital Domain, Prime Focus, EA, Tata Elxsi Limited, Green Gold Animation, DQ Entertainment, Firefly, Makuta, Thomson Reuters, Infosys, Microsoft, HCL, Cognizant, Amazon, Deloitte, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Cyient and all leading TV Channels and Film studios. Many of our alumni are part of Oscar award-winning teams.

For more details visit our site:

Awe-inspiring Art Show by new batch Visual art students of Creative Multimedia College – Hyderabad

India’s leading Digital Media career catalyst, Creative Multimedia Group, acclaimed for its job-oriented Animation, VFX, Web and Graphic Design training, conducted the 2019 edition of its immensely popular annual art show at Ravindra Bharati-Hyderabad on January 21, 2019.

New batch Animation students of Creative Multimedia College of Fine Arts (CMCFA) – Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad conducted the art show titled ‘THE WALT DISNEY RETROSPECTIVE’ as a befitting tribute to, and in fond remembrance of Walt Disney – the legendary entrepreneur and pioneer of Animation on the occasion of his 117th birth anniversary. Mr. Alan Phillips, President of VanArts – Vancouver, Canada graced the event as the Chief Guest and had many words of praise for CMCFA students.

The art show featuring 114 true-to-life illustrations showcased the artistic depth and creativity of students who created stunning artworks by experimenting with a range of interesting mediums including coffee on paper, graphite dust on ivory sheet, nails and wool on wood, pencil on corrugated board, etching on mirror, colour engraving on foil, plaster of Paris on cardboard, mixed media on glass and paper and glitter on paper and paper collage.

Students also used mixed media and such conventional mediums as soft pastel on paper, poster colour on paper, watercolour on paper, colour pencil on ivory sheet, charcoal pencil on paper, oil on canvas, acrylic on paper, crayons on mount board, and sketch pen on paper to craft true-to-life illustrations and artworks of Walt Disney.

Addressing the press on the occasion, the Chief Guest Mr. Alan said: “It’s inspiring to see students come up with such brilliant works of art by exploring a variety of creative mediums. This reflects their passion for the craft. It gives me great joy to note that these budding animation artists of Creative Multimedia have captured the essence of Walt Disney through these wonderful exhibits.

CMCFA offers the updated BFA (Animation) Degree Program in collaboration with the famed Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture & Fine Arts University, Hyderabad – perhaps the best course in the animation field. Committed to ‘Enhancing Employability’, CMCFA combines the best of training infrastructure, learning resources, curriculum, mentoring, career-centric value-additions and outstanding placement initiatives to open up a world of exciting career opportunities for students at leading companies.

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