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Prepare yourself before joining a VFX Training Course

Films and TV productions today involve a lot of Computer Generated (CG) effects and elements to tell their stories more effectively. VFX or Visual Effects is an art and tool used to create these magic on screen. It is an amalgamation of technology and high level artistic skills.

A VFX production involves lot of departments at various levels to bring a scene that is impossible in real life. There are multiple levels of opportunities to work in a VFX production starting from on-set supervision, to 3D artist or a compositor who combines all the elements seamlessly to make a stunning image.  Students looking for a career option may find a lot of opportunities in this creative field. Proper training and certification in VFX will help them to kick start their careers. There are some very good VFX training institues in Hyderabad where students can train and specialize in various modules of this process.

But before you join any training, you may need to prep yourself up for the process ahead. Here are a few pointers that will help you gear up for the ride:

Knowledge is light!

Try to gain knowledge about this art cum technology. Search around for the companies, production houses involving VFX, what pipelines or techniques they use for a particular project.  YouTube ‘behind the scenes’ videos and breakdown videos will be your best source for these.

Famous Personalities

Learn about some important personalities in the industry and what projects/films they have worked on. Their interviews will provide good insights into their accomplishments.

Framing an art

Understanding photography helps you understand lighting, framing etc. in an image. This is an important aspect of VFX. Basics of camera and filmmaking knowledge will be an added advantage.

Friendship with computer

VFX involves a lot of computer based work, if you are new to computers, it is recommended to be little computer friendly, this helps you on the long run.

Software Mania

A lot of software are used to create these visual effects, try and explore some simpler software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects. The training institutes will anyhow go more in depth in these and other advanced software (like Autodesk Maya, Foundry Nuke etc.) and techniques, some prior knowledge will give you a comfortable start.

Practise, practise, practise!

VFX is an art like any other, so practice is the key, make up your mind for dedication and commitment towards practice. The better the artist you are, more opportunities will follow you.

If you are looking for VFX training in Hyderabad, Creative Multimedia Academy is the right place to start your learning process from basic to the advanced level through different course modules. The institute aims to transform students into job-ready VFX professionals through comprehensive training.

Roles of Game Artists and Designers in the Gaming World

PC and mobile games have gained a lot of hype in India today. That’s why many people are considering becoming a game artist. The job title sounds great, especially to a generation where everything game-related speaks volumes of fun and creativity.

Here we’ll talk about the role of the game artist in the game development process, what it takes to become a good game designer and potential career prospects.

The Role of Game Artist?

If you’ve decided to become a game artist, you should first consider a good game art college in Hyderabad. In the university, you’ll learn how to create artistic aspects of the game using different digital art creation software. 3D modeling and illustration come under this category.

Today, some games require the artist to use more traditional media like drawing and painting. You’ll learn to create both art and design for the game in the game designing college.

Although it may seem like you’re only creating an illustration to the game designer’s specifications, there is much more creativity involved in this field. A good game artist can have a massive impact on gameplay. They can depict a particular scenario, level, or character.

Types of Game Artists:

Although you may not have thought of it, there many different roles in the world of game art, each with its own specialization. Some of the tasks are ideal for new entrants into the industry, while others require a few years of experience and a proven track record.

Here are some job responsibilities in the world of game art that you might be interested in:

  1. Concept Artist
    • As a concept artist, you put together the concept art for the game. You’ve to research different art styles, pictures, digital painting and know how the game should feel and look. You can also share your ideas with other teams of artists.
  2. Art Director
    • As a game director, you’ll lead the teams of game animators and artists. You’ll coordinate between various game designers and art game departments. You’ll be involved in the game development process from the concept stage. You’ll also be responsible for the quality, aesthetics, and performance of the game.
  3. Character Artist
    • The character artist is responsible for designing the characters in a game. In a few cases, you’ve to follow a particular stylistic brief to first create 2D concept sketches of the characters before moving to model them as 3D computer models. To ensure consistency and fluidity, you may have to work with the animators.
  4. Environment Artist
    • It is the responsibility of these artists to bring the game environment to life. As an environment artist, you’ll create the world that the game is played on, from props to scenes.

Game artists can find work in gaming company or work as a freelancer. As a freelancer, you have to be self-motivated and able to handle demands from multiple clients.

If you want to become a good gaming artist or designer, choose a reputable game designing college in Hyderabad.