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Roles of Game Artists and Designers in the Gaming World

PC and mobile games have gained a lot of hype in India today. That’s why many people are considering becoming a game artist. The job title sounds great, especially to a generation where everything game-related speaks volumes of fun and creativity.

Here we’ll talk about the role of the game artist in the game development process, what it takes to become a good game designer and potential career prospects.

The Role of Game Artist?

If you’ve decided to become a game artist, you should first consider a good game art college in Hyderabad. In the university, you’ll learn how to create artistic aspects of the game using different digital art creation software. 3D modeling and illustration come under this category.

Today, some games require the artist to use more traditional media like drawing and painting. You’ll learn to create both art and design for the game in the game designing college.

Although it may seem like you’re only creating an illustration to the game designer’s specifications, there is much more creativity involved in this field. A good game artist can have a massive impact on gameplay. They can depict a particular scenario, level, or character.

Types of Game Artists:

Although you may not have thought of it, there many different roles in the world of game art, each with its own specialization. Some of the tasks are ideal for new entrants into the industry, while others require a few years of experience and a proven track record.

Here are some job responsibilities in the world of game art that you might be interested in:

  1. Concept Artist
    • As a concept artist, you put together the concept art for the game. You’ve to research different art styles, pictures, digital painting and know how the game should feel and look. You can also share your ideas with other teams of artists.
  2. Art Director
    • As a game director, you’ll lead the teams of game animators and artists. You’ll coordinate between various game designers and art game departments. You’ll be involved in the game development process from the concept stage. You’ll also be responsible for the quality, aesthetics, and performance of the game.
  3. Character Artist
    • The character artist is responsible for designing the characters in a game. In a few cases, you’ve to follow a particular stylistic brief to first create 2D concept sketches of the characters before moving to model them as 3D computer models. To ensure consistency and fluidity, you may have to work with the animators.
  4. Environment Artist
    • It is the responsibility of these artists to bring the game environment to life. As an environment artist, you’ll create the world that the game is played on, from props to scenes.

Game artists can find work in gaming company or work as a freelancer. As a freelancer, you have to be self-motivated and able to handle demands from multiple clients.

If you want to become a good gaming artist or designer, choose a reputable game designing college in Hyderabad. 

BFA Animation new batch students of Creative Multimedia College of Fine Arts put up a spectacular art show, drawing big praise for their skills.

HYDERABAD, NOVEMBER 27, 2016 – Creative Multimedia College of Fine Arts organized an impressive art show in tribute to the legendary martial arts icon Bruce Lee on his 76th birth anniversary.

The show was inaugurated by Mr. M. Jayanth Reddy, Grandmaster – Taekwondo and Guinness World Records holder who himself is a fan of the legendary Bruce Lee.
Mr. K.K. Senthil Kumar – Star cinematographer, Mr. S. Pradeep Kumar – Director, Academics & Planning, JNAFA University, and Mr. S.N. Vikas – Principal, College of Fine Arts, JNAFA University were the Guests of Honour at the event held at the Nehru Art Gallery, JNAFA University, Masab Tank, Hyderabad.

The art show featured extraordinary, true-to-life pencil sketches, paintings and abstracts of Bruce Lee by first-year BFA Animation Arts Program students of Creative Multimedia College of Fine Arts, Dilsukhnagar.

Mr. Jayanth Reddy, Grandmaster – Taekwondo appreciated the students on the outstanding works of arts, saying it was commendable that BFA Fine Arts students were able to demonstrate such artistic finesse in their very first year which indicates the high training standards of Creative Multimedia College of Fine Arts. Inspired by Bruce Lee to take up Martial Arts after watching his first film, Mr Jayanth Reddy said that he travelled to over 100 countries to participate in various martial arts competitions and won over 46 world records, all thanks to the legendary Bruce Lee’s inspiring achievements and profound philosophies which propagated martial arts as not just a physical ability but also a mental skill.

Mr. K.K. Senthil Kumar, cinematographer of such epic films as Magadheera and Bahubali congratulated students on their brilliant work and their special initiative. Remembering the legend, he said that Bruce Lee invented a new genre of martial arts films and ‘never-say-die’ spirit and his deep, life-enriching philosophies serve as a fountain of inspiration to people across the world, even 43 years after his death.

Mr. S. Pradeep Kumar – Director, Academics & Planning, JNAFA University was delighted at the high standards of art displayed by the Creative Multimedia College of Fine Arts students saying they have done an excellent job and that the art show was a fitting, thoughtful tribute to Bruce Lee who not only revolutionized martial arts but also introduced the world to a new dimension of mind and body control.

Mr. S.N. Vikas – Principal, College of Fine Arts, JNAFA University said that we all remember Bruce Lee to this day only because of his inspiring personality. Referring to the exceptional drawing and painting skills of students, he said that he saw great potential and a bright future for all the BFA Animation students of Creative Multimedia College of Fine Arts. He had special words of praise for one student who created an extraordinary abstract painting of Bruce Lee and said that Bruce Lee is a character that everyone can take inspiration from to become as successful like him.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Raja Sekhar Buggaveeti thanked the guests of honour for their encouragement to the students. Commenting on the observation of the guests that the portraits were of a very high standard, he said that BFA Animation students at Creative Multimedia College of Fine Arts are required to create portraits as part of their extensive skill enhancement programs every year and students chose Bruce Lee as their subject this year to honour the icon on his 76th Birth Anniversary.