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BFA Applied Art | BFA Animation

The Art

Applied Art is a contemporary form of art used as a powerful tool for visual publicity, especially in the immensely creative, rewarding and vital field of advertising. A powerful tool of mass communication, Applied Art is also known as Visual Communication or Visual Design and Graphic Communication or Graphic Design. Applied Art is a proven tool of modern visual communication.

The Industry

Applied Art as a professional skill finds high demand in the advertising industry worldwide. The advertising industry comprising creative agencies and graphic design studios strives to promote products/services/brands for companies across the business spectrum through various advertising tools including visual communication. Degree in fine arts forms the skill sets of artists trained to excel in the advertising industry by envisioning, designing and presenting high impact visual messages.

The Program

As a professional, in-demand career program, BFA Degree in Applied Art features an in-depth, sector-focused and ever-evolving curriculum designed to instill creative sensibilities and groom aspirants to attain professional competence as Graphic Designers (Applied Artists) as per current industry trends. Essentially, the program helps candidates specialize in the knowledge and use of digital tools required for creative design (conceptualization, layout, image manipulation, etc…) across media from print to outdoor and web. The program also equips candidates with the intellectual competence to pursue higher education in BFA Degree.

The Future

Applied Art with specific reference to the advertising industry is an ever-evolving discipline and offers exciting opportunities for career aspirants seeking a bright and rewarding future. The industry offers talented candidates, excellent opportunities for career advancement and is amongst best paying fields. Great learning opportunities, and immense job satisfaction combined with remarkable professional and personal growth make this field a highly attractive career choice.

BFA Applied Art

4 year degree program in Bachelor of Fine Art in Applied Art & Visual communication designed to develop the skills in Media Design, Graphic Design, Painting, photography or another fine arts discipline. Creative Multimedia college of Fine Arts is the finest destination for BFA Degree Program and is affiliated with the Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University (JNAFU). Creative Multimedia college of Fine Arts (CMCFA) is the Best Fine Arts College in Hyderabad, India.

BFA Degree in Applied Art
BFA in Animation

BFA Animation

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation (BFA in Animation) & Visual Effects is an associate 4-year, 8-semester full-time study undergraduate program. Upon completion of BFA in Animation at Creative Multimedia College of Fine Arts, participants will be awarded a prestigious Degree by the Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University (JNAFAU). The program offers courses on principles, techniques within the field to produce a Project Animation Industry, Feature Films etc. These specialized skills in Animation enhance your career with the highest degree.

Student Works

Industry Testimonials

Creative Multimedia College of fine arts

“Mr. Raja Sekhar Buggaveeti has created a superb platform for Animation talent to thrive. I think DNA Inc.® is an exceptional, results-driven CG internship initiative from Dilsukhnagar Arena and the remarkable quality of the 3D Animation short film 'Twisted' proves this fact beyond doubt.”

Mr. Srinivas Mohan,

Four-time National Award winner, VFX Expert and CEO of the Indian Artists Computer Graphics

BFA in Animation

“I have known these awesome guys for the last 15 years. They’ve been setting the standards for the Animation and Digital Media Education Industry in India. I can relate well to them because they share the same passion with which we work in the Animation production space. I strongly recommend 'Creative Multimedia' for career aspirants keen on building a successful career in this Industry."

Rajiv  Chilaka

Founder & CEO - Green Gold Animation Studio