B.A. (Honors) Visual Arts - Animation & VFX

The B.A. (Honors) Visual Arts Program introduces students to the world of creative arts, allowing them to find their space in the majors - Animation & VFX. The program offers extensive scope for developing foundational skills in drawing and various aspects of visual arts. Upon successful completion of the program, students can expect rewarding job opportunities and will have acquired the job skills, domain knowledge and flexibility to function in the real world and adapt to the evolving needs of the industry.

The B.A. (Honors) Visual Arts Program is a structured, up-to-date, 3-year Degree program. Students who’ve completed their 10+2 are eligible for this program which is delivered by Creative Multimedia College of Fine Arts (CMCFA), Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad in affiliation with Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University (JNAFAU), Hyderabad. Students who’ve successfully completed the program will be awarded an industry-recognized degree from JNAFAU.

The syllabus follows a choice-based credit system and comprises a set of core courses (mandatory for all enrolled students), a set of general electives, a set of discipline-specific electives, two ability enhancement compulsory courses and a set of skill enhancement courses. The program is delivered through lectures, practicals, tutorials and internship, while the learning outcomes are evaluated through internal/external written and practical exams and portfolio.

Subjects across core and electives include English, Drawing, Colour Design, Production, 2D Animation, Environmental Studies, 3D Modeling, Look Development, Clay Modeling, Rigging & Animation, Visual Effects (VFX), Photography, History of Art, Scriptwriting for Animation, Digital Sculpting, Image-based Modeling, Introduction to Direction, Acting for Animators, Rotoscopy, Matchmove, Introduction to Indian Art, Sound Design for Short Film, and Audio & Video Editing.

Visual Arts as a career pathway makes for a great choice as it offers vast scope for professional growth. Visual Arts skills are in high demand across industries globally, especially in media and entertainment, and other avenues with emerging potential such as healthcare, science and technology, education and forensics. A Visual Arts degree offers transferable skills and global employability with opportunities to earn rewards and awards.

CMCFA graduates have gone on to work for leading names in Animation and VFX including such sought-after studios as MPC, Deluxe Digital, Prime Focus, Technicolor, EA, Green Gold Animation, DQ Entertainment, EFX, Firefly Studios, Makuta and Reliance Media Works to name a few. Today, CMCFA is popular among students not just as the finest VFX training institution but also as the top animation college in India.

Syllabus (6 Semesters):

English Communication | Drawing (Theory & Practical) | Colour Design (Theory & Practical) | Creative writing (Theory &Tutorial) | Online courses from Swayam / Moocs / Others.
Environmental science | History of Animation | (Theory & Tutorial) | Pre-Production (Theory & Practical) | Psychology (Theory & Tutorial)| Online courses from Swayam / Moocs / Others.
Key Frame Animation | Basic Compositing | Basic 3D Modelling & Texturing | 2D Portfolio | Comparative mythology | Online courses from swayam / Moocs / Others.
Advance 3D Modelling & Texturing | Shading & Lighting | Basic 3D Animation | Clay Modelling | Contemporary India | Online courses from swayam / Moocs / Others.
Rigging | 3D Character Animation | Digital Sculpting | Photography & Digital Image Editing | Acting for Animation | Roto and Paint.
Camera Tracking & Match move | Production Management Pipeline | Environment & Character FX | Advance Compositing | Final Portfolio | Internship.